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360 Three Reasons CBA Live Won Big Last Week


Celebrating the 6th straight year of record attendance, CBA LIVE united 1,300 of the greatest minds in retail banking on March 23-25, 2015. 360 Live Media is also celebrating its 6th year working with the CBA team, and with three years under my belt working on CBA LIVE, I can proudly say that this year marked the best CBA LIVE yet. Here’s why…


  1. COHESIVE TEAMWORK. Together with the CBA team, we worked side by side each week for 9 months to design CBA LIVE 2015—building the consumer agenda theme, brand and event narrative.


I feel fortunate to work at 360 and with CBA because both organizations place a strong emphasis on teamwork and having each other’s backs. The team is a collective unit that works seamlessly together to make sure no small detail is left unnoticed. At the same time, both organizations recognize the other’s individual strength and value. All voices and opinions are heard and considered.


Our cohesive team work is built on 3 foundational elements:


  • Trust in each other and trust in the brand. We trust each other’s opinion and commitment to delivering exceptional work. We believe in the value of the brand. It’s nearly impossible to sell a brand if you don’t have faith that it adds value and does something good for those participating in the experience.
  • A shared vision on the event’s organizing principle. We turned our energy and focus to the heart, mind and soul of the consumer – and we did so as a team. That shared vision is what allowed us to effectively make decisions throughout the process. Together, we brought the vision to life in Orlando.
  • Alignment between all experience partners – CBA, 360 Live Media, Graves Show Productions… and all our speakers. Designing a relevant and enticing theme, brand and narrative for an event is essential. Bringing that to life in a bold, compelling way each year can be challenging. We spent months searching for and discussing possible speakers. And we landed on the very best to deliver the message on the consumer’s agenda today. A few weeks prior to CBA LIVE, we organized and led a group speaker briefing conference call. We invited all speakers to participate and share the top highlights of their presentation with other speakers. The result was an engaged group of speakers and a fully-integrated General Session narrative.


  1. STRONG PARTNERSHIPS. In just six years, CBA has established the CBA LIVE franchise and increased revenue 129% by focusing on building smart, sustainable partnerships. At CBA LIVE, that comes in the form of creating customized sponsorships and premier industry partnerships. Richard Hunt, CEO of CBA, is the driving force behind the success of these partnerships.


At one of our recent #SmarterMornings, Richard Hunt attributed this success to the scarcity principle. By offering only five 365-day strategic partnerships Richard increased the value of these individual packages from a formerly inherited $20,000 sponsorship to $200,000/sponsorship in just six years. For a deeper recap, read this blog post by my colleague Amanda Mitchell.


  1. INSTRUMENTAL LEADERSHIP. At the heart of all great organizations are leaders who:
  • Create a culture for employees to impact results,
  • Stress the importance of trust,
  • Lead through example and;
  • Deliver on the expectations of key stakeholders, including BODs, members and employees.


Richard Hunt embodies each of these qualities. At CBA LIVE, he annually provokes a new way of thinking and challenges the status quo. He has positioned CBA to lead the industry through and beyond the financial crisis, helping member banks adjust their strategies to meet the needs of an ever-changing consumer.




So how does CBA differentiate their brand and produce an exceptional brand experience at CBA LIVE? In my opinion, they built a cohesive team, established strong partnerships and have captured the essence of what it takes to be an association that leads. Without these three ingredients, you strip away the soul and success of CBA LIVE.