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360 Live Media Blog - Making Poverty My Priority


What’s on your to-do list this weekend?


If it’s anything like mine—i.e., a mishmash of housekeeping items piled up from a busy week—ending poverty probably doesn’t make your list. Begging the question, if ending poverty isn’t on my list or yours…whose is it on?


A Wider Circle’s. Bold-faced. Centered. Top of the priority list. Their mission is simple: to end poverty for one individual and one family after another. Ending poverty is what they do.


5 weeks ago, our agency, 360 Live Media, partnered with A Wider Circle to help build the social movement to end poverty in conjunction with their annual conference. Pretty big challenge, don’t you think? Ending poverty… HOW? What we’ve learned from A Wider Circle is it’s not as hard as you think. Small contributions make a big difference. From donating to your local food bank, to spending a few hours of your time to teach someone a new skill, there are hundreds of ways to contribute to ending poverty. The real challenge is making it a true priority—daily, weekly, forever.


How did we approach the challenge?


We started with five key truths:


  1. Reason leads to conclusion; emotion leads to action.
  2. The primary reason social media users share content is to support causes or issues they care about.
  3. People are more likely to share meaningful pictures that tell a story than opinions, links, status updates or news items.
  4. Critical mass is required to build momentum toward positive change.
  5. Most importantly, ending poverty is NOT a priority for the DC community today.


Next, we built phase one of the social campaign that would galvanize the community around the mission to end poverty:


  1. Break through the standard ME-oriented to-do list and help people understand why ending poverty is a required and manageable priority for each of us.
  2. Share human stories that allow the community to connect with people living in poverty in a relatable, emotional way. Present these stories in tandem with hard-hitting facts about the state of poverty in America today.
  3. Participate in digital conversations around people’s priorities and create awareness around making ending poverty a priority for the DC community.
  4. Foster brand ambassadors on social media who are impassioned by A Wider Circle’s mission, vision and movement.
  5. Increase awareness of the movement using the #MyPriority hashtag and imagery across all digital and live platforms.
  6. Leverage A Wider Circle’s prime live media platform, The National Conference on Ending Poverty, as a launchpad for the #MyPriority campaign. Create a compelling and bright campaign brand and social media toolkit for partners, speakers and attendees to promote the campaign.


So what?


In leveraging The National Conference on Ending Poverty’s tuned-in audience, influential partners and celebrity keynotes, the #MyPriority campaign was strategically positioned to build momentum. And it did. On March 28, 2015—the day of the conference—#MyPriority was a top trending hashtag on Twitter in Washington, DC. But we’re just getting started…


Now what?


With more than 45 million Americans living in deep poverty and more than 100 million in need of assistance, ending poverty cannot be our priority for only one day. It must be our priority every day. 365 days a year, without exception.


I hope you’ll join me in the movement to end poverty. Use the hashtag #MyPriority to share why ending poverty is important to you. Check out A Wider Circle’s Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how to end poverty in your own way. You can start by downloading a customizable cover photo and post it on your individual page as a badge declaring your support for ending poverty.


Together, we can end poverty.