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360 From The Ground Up An Exponential Rebrand

From the Ground Up: An Exponential Rebrand

I’m a believer.


More specifically, after attending AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems 2015 on May 4-7, 2015, I believe that:


  • within the next five years, I’ll order my favorite new gadget online and it will be delivered via drone to my doorstep in 30 minutes or less.
  • thanks to self-driving cars, my children will never have to operate a vehicle.
  • every sector of our economy, from the cornfields of Iowa to the silver screens of Hollywood, will be impacted by the use of drones and autonomous robotics.


Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to believe. You can’t pick up a Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or WIRED Magazine without reading about the influence that this technology will have on our lives and our economy.


A brand experience to match


The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) established its position as the premier trade association for this industry by serving the defense market, the first adopters of the technology. Their annual event has supported this position with branding and programming that caters to a defense audience. However, the industry is at a tipping point and the commercial market has emerged as the area of high growth. AUVSI decided the time was right to evolve their annual event to meet the changing needs of the industry, and partnered with 360 Live Media to create a bold new brand that aligns with the industry’s exponential growth.


After months of collaboration and tireless effort across the teams at 360 Live Media and AUVSI, the XPONENTIAL brand was born. The name XPONENTIAL captures the potential of the industry, the technology and the community. The aspirational brand and treatment is similar to a leading consumer brand, unlike anything that is typically seen in the conference and tradeshow space.




What better place to announce XPONENTIAL to the world than on-site at Unmanned Systems 2015? Here’s what the 360 Live Media and AUVSI teams did to create buzz and excitement about the launch of XPONENTIAL:


Turned board members into brand ambassadors. During the Board of Directors dinner (two days before the big reveal), members enjoyed a sneak peek of the new brand and received all new XPONENTIAL swag. The members left the dinner with the information and gear needed to share the story behind XPONENTIAL throughout the entire event.


Leveraged social media to create buzz. The day prior to the reveal, inconspicuous X symbols were placed throughout the convention center and AUVSI (@AUVSIshow) held a twitter contest in which followers were encouraged to tweet pictures of the X for a chance to win a 3D Robotics drone. This created engagement and anticipation of the big announcement.


Used the General Session as the reveal platform. Brian Wynne, President & CEO of AUVSI, revealed XPONENTIAL to the audience during Wednesday’s General Session. Brian’s presentation included a sizzle reel that showcased the new brand and an exciting laser light show.


Kept the buzz alive. With two days remaining at Unmanned Systems following the reveal, it was important for AUVSI to keep the energy and excitement about XPONENTIAL going strong. This was achieved with flying colors—a 10-foot-high iconic X was placed at the center of the Expo Hall Floor for photo opportunities, and Wednesday evening’s networking event at Georgia Aquarium featured an XPONENTIAL-themed lounge, complete with an XPONENTIAL candy bar!


What lies ahead?


At 360 Live Media, we believe that a new brand serves as the catalyst for change for both the event and the host organization. At XPONENTIAL 2016, AUVSI will deliver an exciting and innovative experience that fulfills the promise made by XPONENTIAL—the promise to be the premier live brand experience for the entire ecosystem, regardless of industry or domain.


With AUVSI and 360 Live Media manning the controls, it’s safe to say that the best is yet to come.