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360 Come As Your Are Leave Transformed

Come As You Are, Leave Transformed

Is it possible for someone to leave your event truly transformed? Lofty goal – especially if you consider what transformation really means: In science, for instance, transformation is actually a change in the molecular state of a cell. For our purposes, let’s go with the definition that transformation focuses on a significant change of being, perspective or approach.


Life is transformational. At birth we are 100% dependent on our parents and teachers. We transform to the stage of independence (adolescence, rebellion, separation) to hopefully a transformation of interdependence when we realize we need others for our happiness, well-being and to achieve the third rung in Maslow’s Hierarchy, belonging.


Most of life as an adult, however, is transitional and incremental, with moderate shifts in relationships, geography, work, money and the other important dimensions of our life. Transformation happens when there are epiphanies, new insights, a new perspective, a new experience that shifts how we see things. If you believe Maslow, as humans we have a need for esteem – accomplishment, achievement, respect. And at the pinnacle of our existence we strive for transcendence – to be our most moral, free and self-actualized selves.


Ok, a little heavy I know, so let’s bring it home. We come as we are to work, our family, friends, life in general, every day. When we are in the company of others, when we are learning, connecting and experiencing together at a live event such as a religious service, political convention, marathon, sporting event and, yes, a business conference or trade show, we should expect to leave differently than we entered. Transformation is a high bar but achievable if we set our sights high enough.


Ask yourself, are the people coming to my event going to leave better, smarter, more inspired, more connected or different in some meaningful way than when they arrived? Could a few be transformed, or elevated to a new level of understanding, insight and motivation to invent a new product, initiate a new research project or meet someone who will become their new business partner? It’s possible, and it’s up to us to try.


Here’s to transformations.