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360 Who Moved My Donut

Who Moved My Donut?

Have you ever really paid attention to the food at conventions? It’s as if someone turned the nutrition pyramid upside down and created a menu designed to make us feel our worst.


Salt, sugar, fat, carbs, empty calories and caffeine. Add alcohol, too little sleep, a change of time zone and trying to keep up with your job while you’re at the convention, and you have a recipe for a physiological train wreck.


To get the most from a conference, we must feel our best. To feel our best, we must feed our body and mind—we need soul food and brain food.


I know all of the reasons why delicious, healthy food is a challenge, thanks to the industrial convention-center complex, but ask yourself, “Who is in charge?”


Have you ever included healthy, delicious food into your convention center RFP? Have you ever told a convention center you wouldn’t use their venue if they didn’t provide food that grows ON a plant, and not manufactured IN a plant?


Healthy, energetic, clear-thinking guests are happier, have more energy to walk your trade show floor and make more connections with your exhibitors. They will learn more and just feel better. While we don’t have the research to support this, it’s highly likely that they’ll give you higher satisfaction scores because they’ll be more energized when they leave.


There is still a place for coffee, donuts and soft drinks, but you may be surprised if you offer more and better alternatives—fresh, flavorful and fun food can make a bigger difference than you think.


We are what we eat.