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360 The Bottleneck Is At The Top Of The Bottle

The Bottleneck is at the Top of the Bottle

Have you ever wondered why a restaurant wouldn’t have the cleanest bathroom you’ve ever been in? Or why a retail store sales associate isn’t always cheerful and helpful? Or why a bank doesn’t give you great advice on how to best save and invest the money you entrust to them?


How about a little closer to home: Ever wonder why there are mistakes, delays and an absence of innovation, or why your team is lacking an esprit de corps?


100% of every issue within every business is a leadership issue. Of course, recruiting, training, benefits, a great culture, a smart compensation plan, etc. are all critical; but who decides all of these features and benefits of the job? You, the leader.


Obvious, right? Have you ever heard a leader complain, lament or criticize the system, a member of their team, their own leaders or some other facet of the organization? Maybe on occasion, you do some of these things. It’s natural. From time to time, I’m just as guilty as anyone.


When decisions take too long, or things are stuck, or you’re not getting the results you want, remember where the real bottleneck is—at the top.  


The good news is that this is the MOST controllable of all factors in our business lives. By acknowledging that it’s our primary responsibility to lead, by accepting that it IS within our control to influence and change everything, and by embracing the opportunity, each of us as leaders can change anything.


Be the change you want in your organization. Remember, it all starts with you.