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360 Live Media is an event strategy and digital marketing agency in Washington, D.C. serving association, professional society, and not-for-profit conferences.
Life at 360 Live Media

Life at the agency

Friends and family often ask me, “What’s life like working for an agency in DC?”


I usually start by talking about the life part, and comparing DC to other big cities.


It’s not New York


I don’t work in a cramped building surrounded by throngs of honking cars all day while trying to survive in a cutthroat, uber-competitive environment.


It’s not San Francisco


I don’t sit next to a dude wearing Chucks who’s petting his work dog and sipping on a beer from the rooftop keg (an actual former work experience of mine).


It’s not Los Angeles


I don’t fight 2 hours of traffic (each way) just to go a few miles. Then, sit in an office all day and wish I was outside.


I could continue, but you get the point. DC is different than other big cities.


Why DC is different


During the week, there is just the right amount of hustle and bustle.


People work hard, dress professionally and are always down for a good happy hour. This city attracts interesting and kind people. You won’t find that everyone you pass says, “Hi,” but I am completely ok with that. And yeah, they may ask “Where do you work?” or, if you are near The Hill, “Who do you work for?” But this doesn’t bother me all that much because every once in a while it leads to a great conversation.


What’s more, DC is a hidden gem when it comes to sampling different restaurants. And the breadth of experiences are incredible (museums, monuments, and all that jazz). That’s why I’ve called it home for 11+ years. It’s spectacular.


But that only answers half the question…


  1. It’s dynamic


Agencies like ours can experience periods of intense growth where the work volume surpasses the internal resources. At these times, it can feel like you’re working around the clock. No matter the hour, all kinds of dynamic personalities shine—introverts and extroverts, suits and creatives, enthusiastic and reserved. Together, we keep the energy up and the optimism flowing.


  1. It’s bold with a smooth and sometimes spicy finish


Clients hire us to create bold, new visions for their organizations and game-changing strategies with seamless executions. So it makes sense that sometimes the journey goes smoothly, and sometimes there’s turbulence. The key is making sure everyone involved shares the same end goal. The best agencies keep lines of communication open with their clients and focus on delivering exceptional results and service.


  1. It’s blended with most varietals to create a strong taste


When agencies can find a way to blend themselves into the culture of their clients’ organizations, in a way that makes them say, “they get us,” that’s when you know you’ve got a strong relationship. We become an extension of their teams. We adapt to the needs of our clients and produce strong work that supports their objectives.


Cheers to life at the best agency in DC.