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Conference Attendee Bingo

Conference attendee bingo: Play at your next event

As experience designers, we attend a ton of events each year. Which means we overhear many of the same types of conversations:


Yes, the slides will be available after the presentation.


Umm, where can I charge my phone?


This room is too cold!


Normally, I don’t think much of it. But when I spotted the Conference Call Bingo photo all over LinkedIn & Twitter this week, it got me thinking…and inspired to create our own take on this clever idea.


With the help of my 360 team, I created the Conference Attendee Bingo card:


360 Live Media Conference Attendee Bingo


What do you think? Any phrases or common questions that are missing?


Here’s a PDF version of the card you can download for free. When you play, please take a pic and tag us on Twitter.


Even better, tweet us your suggestions @360LiveMedia or send me an email at kevin@360livemedia.com.