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3 steps to get more subscribers and followers now

3 steps to get more subscribers and followers now

Your digital marketing channels—websites, blogs, and social media—are worthless without subscribers who care about your content. To grow your subscriber list, make sure you’re doing these three simple things.


1. Improve SEO


If you’re in the habit of generating good content, congratulations. It’s not easy. Your next step is getting more eyeballs to see it. To maximize the effectiveness of your digital content, make sure you know the latest SEO techniques.


If the idea of SEO scares you, it shouldn’t.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is easier than you think. It’s simply the process of aligning your content with relevant and popular words that people search for online. By making sure your posts or websites contain those words (as well as links to examples of relevant websites), your content will show up in more searches…and more people will organically find your content.


When you write content that is SEO-friendly, you increase the chances that more people will stumble upon your website. For example, a draft version of this blog post was titled, Get more fans of your brand. I liked it because it rhymed. But I didn’t think that was a great marketing strategy.


My hunch was confirmed after I checked my working title against the nifty Google AdWords Keyword Planner. I found that average monthly searches for “get more subscribers” and “get more followers” were much more relevant search terms than “get more fans.”



By adjusting my title to include terms with higher search volumes, I improved my chances of new people finding my post and potentially subscribing. You should follow this same logic as you refine the body copy of your websites and posts.


The moral here is don’t fall in love with your own idea. A rhyming or witty title is nothing if people aren’t searching for those terms. Use SEO keyword strategies to make your content work harder for you. This is a small but very important step to increasing your online reach.


Note: If you’re one of the 1.2 billion Gmail users in the world, their Keyword Planner tool is free to use. You can even use it to go back and update your oldest and best-performing posts. It’s not cheating. It’s smart marketing.


If you want to know more about SEO, or need a refresher, Wikipedia has a surprisingly thorough SEO definition and historical overview.

2. Please fewer people


You already know that customer retention is important. But it’s also important to remember that not all customers pay you in the form of money.


Your blog readers and video viewers are your customers, too. Arguably your best. They pay you with the most valuable currency—their time. Plus, many will share your content with other people. So keep your most-engaged subscribers happy by generating content that they want. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by appealing to the masses. Doing so will only dilute your message to the point that nobody is interested, not even your loyal base.


Instead, be confident that by focusing on the quality of your content, the quantity of your subscriber list will follow. Content Marketing Institute has a great audience persona template to help you make sure you’re tapping into the right motivations for your target audience.


3. Ask for things


To stay relevant, you should find out what your most-engaged fans want, and then give it to them. You can conduct informal polls or in-depth audience research. Inviting radical candor from your loyalists often reveals valuable insights that can help you recalibrate your content marketing strategies.


You can also literally ask your audience for direct feedback every once in a while—like this:


Hey, loyal reader. I appreciate you taking time to read Tune In each week. Is there a marketing or creative topic you would like me to explore in a future blog post? Email me your idea at bill@360livemedia.com and I’ll write about it. Seriously, I will. Just put “Idea” in the subject line of your email to me.


Oh! You should also give your audience opportunities to subscribe to your content. That might seem really obvious, but too many blogs lack a call-to-action. Intersperse form fields throughout your site to capture reader information. If you want to grow, you need to make it easy for folks to opt in.


Quick recap


1. Make your content easier to find, and more people will find it. Search Engine Optimization shouldn’t frighten you—it should empower you.


2. Your best customer is the one you already have. Make sure you continue to give your core following more of what they want, and they’ll share your content with more people.


3. Check yourself every once in a while. Make sure what you’re putting out there is working for the people you’re putting it out there for.


P.S. I was totally serious. Email me at bill@360livemedia.com with an idea for a blog topic and I’ll write about it. I’ll even give you a shout out (if you like that sort of thing).