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How Old Are You?

How Old Are You?

The only time any of us ever wanted to hear this question was when we were under the age of 10. Why?


A recent WSJ article titled “When Did You First Feel Old?” by Clare Ansberry, got me thinking: when did I first feel old? And the answer – not yet.


The author points out that people feel old for two reasons: physical and social. There are times the world tells us they think we are old, and when they think we are young. Remember getting “carded”? It meant someone thought we looked young.


Being offered a senior discount or getting an AARP application is society’s way of saying you either look old or are by some chronological definition old. The first time someone who’s not from the South (it’s still a sign of respect there that I like) refers to you as Sir or Ma’am, it makes you wonder how old they think you are.


Here’s the point: Old is a relative term.


  1. Old like a song you love. It gets better every time you hear it.
  2. Old like a classic car: great lines, well made and worth many times its original price.
  3. Old like a wine. We call it aged, a good vintage, delicious.


Do you feel old? You might if your health isn’t great, or you don’t look like you did when you were 20. But that comes with the territory. We are supposed to look different as we age.


It’s not uncommon to hear someone say they are old when they hit 30. Don’t be that person.


And don’t let the world, a sore back or a few wrinkles rob you of the beauty, power, wisdom or magic that comes with time.


Are you a fine wine or an old grape? It’s up to you.