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Regenerating and rejuvenating your association for 2018

Regenerating and Rejuvenating for 2018

Ray Kroc is one of the most influential businessmen of all time. He reshaped the McDonald’s brand by moving it from a small burger joint owned by two brothers to an international phenomenon. However, Kroc’s success was contingent upon his ability to gain perspective. When it came to leadership, he said, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.”


It’s important to recognize that your association is far more than charts and numbers—it is you. It’s your drive, your work ethic, your ideas, and your creativity.


The standards you set for yourself not only shapes your leadership style, but identifies your association’s brand. If left unchecked, instead of your business outgrowing your standards, you will outgrow your business. With 2017 now behind us, here’s a look at several tools to help you make the first quarter a success.


1. “Study the Past, if You Would Define the Future”


This Confucian ideology about the past holds weight in the present. Whether you inherited your association or started it from scratch, you’ve invested your time and effort. You’ve developed a deep-rooted desire for making it the success it is now.


Remembering why you do what you do will always refuel that fire and push your brand into its next phase. Take a second to remember the very beginning—the laughs, the struggles, and the pivotal moment your association took off. You may surprise yourself at how much the past can influence your brand’s future.


2. Create a Gut-Check Team


Outside perspective is what you need to gain an inside perspective. When it comes to your association, you have a subjective point of view. But sometimes objectivity is what you need to strategize and plan for the new quarter.


From managing a team to planning an event, it is easy to lose sight of the important things. This is where a gut check team comes in handy. Pool together people you trust to reach out to when things get hairy. The key is choosing mentors that will not tell you ‘yes’ all the time and will give sound, objective advice to help get you back on track.


3. Understand Your Limitations


As you begin the new year and the new quarter, keep in mind you are not an octopus. Consider using outside resources for your association’s most pressing needs such as event planning or content strategy. Its okay to delegate tasks and take the pressure off of yourself.


Knowing what you can handle gives you an opportunity to evaluate unnecessary tasks and better organize the day-to-day operation of your business.


4. The Year-Beginning Review


Growing your business and attracting the right audience requires looking at 2017 as a whole. What went right? What needed improvement? In which areas did you see the most growth?


It is also the perfect time to be honest and evaluate yourself by determining whether you reached your personal and professional goals. If you didn’t, that’s okay. Try again. If you accomplished all you wanted to in 2017, that’s great! Just set the bar higher for 2018.


5. Stay Open-Minded


Innovation is the key to any operation and opening your mind means opening new possibilities to become a fearless, well-rounded leader.


Change can be hard, but it’s necessary for growth.


Host an open forum with your staff or clients, and listen to their constructive criticisms. Ask them to be honest and listen to their ideas. Research upcoming trends and jot down some creative plans of your own.


6. Have a Little Down-Time


Take time for yourself. Go to a movie, take a weekend vacation, enjoy time with family and friends. Giving your mind a break will relieve stress and offer you an opportunity to rejuvenate your body. Even though we’re just getting back to the swing of things, a quick break can do you a lot of good. Then, you can look at everything from all sides with a fresh pair of eyes and regenerated mind.


7. Attitude is Everything


How you carry yourself and the energy you put into the universe will determine your success in 2018. Attitude determines your altitude and learning how to cope under pressure is important for your association’s brand. Don’t beat yourself up over the failures—but celebrate them as successes. Pick your battles and don’t sweat over the stuff you can’t control.


New Year, New Quarter


Take the next few weeks to remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished and start 2018 with a bang. Let the world know who you are and what you represent.