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Do Your Events Have Values?

“Let Your Audience Feel Part of Something Bigger Than Themselves”


Values are the regard to which something is held to deserve. Said another way, values are principles or standards of behavior.


Most often we think of values as being possessed by a human being or a collection of people belonging to a group such as a company, a military unit, a family, or a religion.


Have you ever considered whether your annual meeting, business event, or trade show has values? I can’t recall ever seeing a statement of values for an event I’ve attended.


Why is this worth considering?


Events are communities of people with common interests, a shared purpose, and—at some level—something in common. Introducing a set of core values that articulate what is shared by all helps to further unite this community.


Your organization has values. As the organizer and host of the event, why not introduce your organization’s values and give your audience an opportunity to better understand and decide if they share them?


A set of values that define what the event stands for, why it matters, and the principles behind it help the audience to align, unite, and more quickly feel part of something bigger than themselves.


A set of values for your next event may include authenticity, candor, transparency, and an environment that welcomes open discussion, debate and controversy. Or, perhaps a commitment that everyone participating in this event will seek a deeper understanding from those they meet—listening, questioning, and considering new ideas and insight that may be counter to conventional thinking.


Give your audience an opportunity to help you define the values for your event by asking them, “…what are your values in the context of your organization and profession?” Then, crowdsource the feedback, distill the results, and articulate those shared values throughout the entirety of your next event.