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How to Change Your Event’s Metabolism

How to Change Your Event’s Metabolism

I think events, just like people, have a metabolism. Consider:


1. Your event is a live, organic experience. It’s a giant ecosystem of people, environments, food, learning, motion, emotion, and dozens of other dynamic layers of activity and energy.


2. There are so many interdependent processes happening from start to finish—registration processes, educational processes, wayfinding processes, production processes…the list goes on.


3. Events, like metabolisms, have set-points. Metabolic set-points are established for humans based on genetics and can be influenced with diet, exercise, and sleep, among other factors. Event metabolic set-points are also real and can be changed.


What is the energy level, vibe, feeling, and emotional frequency of your event? Think about it. Is it lethargic, slow-moving, and sleepy? Or is the energy high, the pulse-rate beating fast, and are people smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves?

You can feel it when you walk in the room. Are you zapped with positive energy like you might feel when you walk into a crowded, lively restaurant? Or are you sapped like you might feel when waiting at the DMV to renew your license?

Most event metabolic set-points were set long ago. Whose job is it to reset them for the fast-paced, energetic, vibrant era of today? Who owns the energy level? Who’s taking the hourly pulse of your event to see if your audience is tuned-in to the frequency that makes them feel their best?

Just as we can influence our own metabolic set-point, we can do it for live events. Music, visual stimulation, intellectual stimulation, gaming, food choices, room settings, temperature, and natural light are just a few of the levers you can pull to reset your event’s metabolism.

Most events could use more protein and fewer carbs. How about yours?