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The 4th American Revolution

The U.S. began as a classic start-up with a vision, a committed, focused group of courageous entrepreneurs willing to risk the ultimate consequence of failure, and an insurgent revolution that broke the bonds of a system that no longer worked for the “customers” of this remote division of the British Empire.


Revolution number two was industrial and pulled our nation beyond the agrarian business model that was so ripe for disruption. We retrained an entire nation and built a great new country that was the envy of the world.


The third revolution also began in the U.S. The technology revolution has transformed our culture, our lives, and almost every aspect of the global landscape.


Now here we are, three successful revolutions under our belt and the question is, what’s next? What revolution will change the trajectory of how we live, work, commune, and advance civilization? Will the next revolution lead to more global equilibrium or less? A more just world or more divided? Will it be peaceful?


I’m still betting on America, 250 years after our first revolution. We have everything we need to continue to be a great nation.


As we celebrate our independence this week, let’s take a moment and ponder what kind of future we want. I believe in the collective consciousness of all 300+ million of us to make it so.


Happy 4th of July.