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The Most Accurate Proxy For Your Organization’s Success

Most of us know that resting heart rate, blood pressure, body mass index and other key metrics are leading indicators of our overall health. We can evaluate if we’re healthy on the inside through these measures we can check on the outside.
And, similarly, you can measure how healthy your organization is based on one, specific leading indicator: your annual meeting. Its performance is the most important gauge of whether your organization is improving or falling behind.
Every association and professional society’s annual meeting is a reflection of your organization’s external relevance and reputation, AND it serves as a vital measure of your internal health.
Take this great quote from Stephen Covey to see what I mean: “You can’t talk yourself out of something you behaved yourself into.” The performance of your event can only be as strong as your organizational relevance, personality, industry positioning, and core value proposition.
Successful organizations are growing, adding members, bringing a new generation into the fold, using data to inform decisions, devising new ways of delivering value, and creating deep levels of loyalty and retention.
Just like resting heart rate, increasing annual event revenue, improving conference net promoter scores, and increasing annual event attendance are the best indicators of how well your organization overall is performing.
Bottom line, your annual event is a canary in the coal mine and the best overall proxy for how well-positioned your organization is for the future.
Find out how well your annual event is performing by taking our brief Event Assessment. It doesn’t cost anything, and it will tell you if it’s time to think differently about the year ahead.
You’ll get an immediate score of how well your event is performing and from there you can start asking new questions that will open new doors and new ways of thinking about your organization, your team, and your future.
It won’t take longer than that blood pressure machine at CVS, and what you learn will be just as valuable. I guarantee it.
P.S. I’d love to know what you think about your score on our Event Assessment. After you take it, feel free to email me directly and we can set up time to talk about your results.

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A marketing thought leader, speaker, teacher, and advisor, Don Neal brings his Madison Avenue experience to help organizations see their opportunities in a new light. He is passionate about helping organizations accelerate the trajectory of their success.

Don Neal
Founder & CEO
360 Live Media

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