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The Power of Re

Almost everything in our lives was here before us. It was all invented, built, designed, created, engineered, and produced by someone else.


For most of us, our jobs existed before we held them. Our houses were built by someone else—we simply inhabit them now. The recipes for the meals we eat were invented by someone else. The food we eat was grown by someone else. The materials we study to be more successful were written by someone else. And the association you work for was there long before you arrived.


You get the point. But…think about this. Almost everything can be improved, modernized, and made better. THAT we can do. Introducing the power of Re.


Reinventing, Reimagining, Rebuilding, Restoring, and Reinvigorating.


What have you Re’d recently? You may not have invented anything new lately, but what can you take to a better state? What can you improve for the next person or the next generation? Re’ing something is as worthy a goal as creating something from scratch.


What aspect of your organization, what part of your job, what element of your daily life…what person can you help Re?


The great news is that all of these Re’s lead to another set of Re’s. Feeling Renewed, Restored, Refreshed and Revived.


Are you Ready to leave your mark?