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The 70’s Called and They Want Their Kitchen Back

Is there a room in your house that represents who you are, where you’re most comfortable, and what you wish the rest of your home felt like and embodied?


Maybe it’s the kitchen, the study, or maybe it’s a pristine, well-organized garage or basement.


Now, think about how that room has changed, could change, and will change to meet your future needs, wants, and to appeal to the rest of your family.


Also consider how this room is a proxy for the rest of your house. How does this room set the bar for how you want to live and inhabit your home?


Now take this mental picture and flip it to your work and your organization. I submit that your annual meeting is that “special room” that your members should love and want to experience. It’s a proxy or surrogate for everything you stand for and want to express. It’s the physical embodiment of your entire organization’s value proposition, purpose, and mission.


So—is the “room” (i.e. your event) everything it can be and does it attract everyone you want and need to make them feel their best? Does it provide the experience, the relevance, and the value you offer as an organization? Does it represent the best of who you are and want to be?


If not, is it time to redecorate, remodel, renovate, or rebuild?


Is it time for a change? What is the risk, disruption, cost, and effort you’re willing to accept relative to the need for the improvement you want and to seize a new opportunity that is just over the horizon?


If it’s time for a change, do you need to rearrange the furniture, embark on a major remodel, or maybe build an addition to create a new space that welcomes a new audience?


The choice is yours—if you’ve ever remodeled your kitchen you know that it’s better to do it before you have to.