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This may be the first time you’ve heard about Twitch. Or maybe, if you’re a gamer or have a teenager at home, you know only too well what this powerful live-streaming video gaming platform is all about.


Twitch lets viewers watch and, more importantly, interact either live or via video on demand. As of May 2018, it had 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users, with around a million average concurrent users.


Why does Twitch matter to you, and why should you care? Three reasons:


    1. Twitch started for gamers and has now become a live-streaming platform for just about everything: cooking, arts, crafts, talk shows, eSports, competitions…you name it. Twitch is changing behavior and expectations in a way that you and your organization will need to understand and, more importantly, how these users interact with your organization.


    1. TwitchCon. This live and live-streaming event is in its fourth year: last year over 50,000 people attended live, and far more viewed the event virtually. TwitchCon is a community of communities. The 15 million monthly Twitch users are mostly young males seeking human connection—seeking community. What can you do to learn about connecting to your members and employees from how a live-streaming platform builds relationships, interactivity, connection, and commercial applications? Plenty, I’d say.


  1. Amazon. Yes, Amazon. Guess who now owns Twitch? If you think Twitch is a fad, a niche, or not relevant to how we will all consume live, interactive, streaming content, think again. Amazon seems to not only predict the future but often create it. How could your industry, your organization, or your live event, change if an Amazon-powered player entered the game? Would you be ready?


The good news is that you have time to think about, model, invest, and begin working on your own live-streaming, interactive, community-building platform—for your industry, your organization, and your audience.


Exciting, isn’t it?