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The White Space

Here are seven more ideas that allow the guests at your next event to feel a sense of calm and openness, and to leave your event energized, confident, and ready to take on the world. Each of these ideas I’ve seen in action (maybe you have too), they work, and I’m confident that just one or two of these will go a long way towards turning down that feeling of the claustrophobia of abundance.


And each of these is a great opportunity for a business partner to sponsor or underwrite.


  1. Headphones. Cordon off an area and invite your guests to use their own earbuds and tune into some of their favorite tunes, or partner with a company that makes headphones, such as Bose or Shure, and see if they’d like to demo their new products at your event. Create playlists that tap into your theme, or simply make Pandora or Spotify available.
  2. An aquarium. Partner with a local pet store or the local Chamber of Commerce and set up an area for your guests to soak in a few minutes of peace by watching the fish. It’s a great way to start a conversation with a stranger. And why not have a social media contest on who can name the types of fish?
  3. Musical instruments. A piano or just a few guitars is all you need. Create a place for a pick-up jam with your event guests that want to connect with other musicians to work out their inner James Taylor, Taylor Swift, Taylor Dayne or Taylor Hicks. I’ve seen this work, and it’s a crowd-pleaser.
  4. A Zen Den. Why not offer morning meditation, a meditation room, or an area with yoga mats in the hotel or conference center for your guests to have a midday stretch or even a nap.
  5. Puppies. This idea is so popular now that it seems like a given on most trade show floors. But why not work with the local shelter at your event location and offer a puppy petting opportunity during the registration process or during lunch?
  6. Scent. It’s our most powerful sense, so why not use fresh-baked cookies or customized scents for your industry (what exactly does money smell like?). We all know what a great hotel lobby that uses a scent machine smells like, so why not try this idea on for size?
  7. Use the outdoor space. It’s ironic that so many events are in such wonderful locations such as San Diego, Boston, Orlando, or Chicago and almost 100% of the event takes place indoors. What could you do to make 20% of your next event happen outside, in a park, on the adjacent outdoor spaces, in a nearby botanical garden, on a rooftop, or at an outdoor cafe? Start small, and host just one breakout session in an outdoor space. Change the room, change the mindset.


Each of these ideas presents the opportunity for the guests at your next event to feel the “incredible lightness of being” (apologies to Milan Kundera).


Let us know what has worked for you.