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Everything Is Marketing

First, let’s start with a definition of marketing. I define marketing as a process that creates a set of conditions for a sale to occur and an ongoing relationship to be cultivated.


So, how is everything marketing? For starters, consider that everything we do has a future orientation. Our careers, our health, our relationships, and all religions have a future focus of some nature—everything.


A doctor giving you health advice wants you to create conditions for a better you (the sale being a target weight, a specific blood pressure goal, or the end of a disease).


Our educational system seeks to create conditions for a student to graduate (the sale) and become an alumni donor (cultivating an ongoing relationship).


Every business seeks to create conditions for you to buy from them and to be a long-time, loyal customer.


Every association seeks members, event attendance, and the passage of favorable industry regulation. All three of these are sales requiring effective marketing.


Everything we do at work and in our personal lives strives to create conditions for success.


Now, thinking of everything as marketing or attempting to create a sale may turn you off, but consider this: casting a vote for a politician is a sale, a marriage proposal, making a charitable contribution, a gym membership, an employment agreement, an airline reservation; the list goes on.


So what, you ask? How does thinking about everything as marketing change anything? Well, when you break everything into the three phases of marketing—creating conditions, consummating the sale, and focusing on cultivating an ongoing relationship—you can align your energy, time, and focus on what matters and when.


Like everything in life, success or failure is most often in our hands. What you’re marketing matters. How you market matters. To whom you market matters.


You are the architect of the conditions you create. Just be sure the sale you seek is the right one.