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Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. We each have opinions, beliefs and a deep well of information that’s led us to think and behave as we do.


However, we are not what we think. How could we be? One moment we are optimistic about the world and the next moment we learn something that takes us in a totally different direction.


I say, don’t believe what you think.


Why? As we swim in our own waters of thought, media consumption, and the echo chamber of our inner circle of friends, it’s worth examining not only what we think about but how accurate our own thoughts are.


How could everything we think be right?


Every thought is filtered through our own unique editorial lens. How we process what enters our consciousness, what we allow in and how we apply it is tailored based on our beliefs, values, attitudes, and experiences. These all shape our bias. Mine are different than yours.


You and I read the same article and think different thoughts. Which one of us is right?


The question is, where has this gotten us? It’s said that all of the answers to all of the world’s problems already exist, we just don’t have the mechanism to connect them.


If we can let down our guard and allow our emotions, filters, and biases to be more permeable, we’d have a chance to connect all those answers to the problems that must be solved.


Today, try to argue the other side of an issue that you are sure can’t be right. Find a way to agree with someone you seldom agree with.


Their truth may set you free.