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Are You Baking or Cooking?

Cooking is fast and forgiving. In a pinch, salt can quickly save an under-seasoned potato.


Baking is precise and unforgiving. Too much baking soda will destroy the chemistry of your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


When your to-do list is four pages long, it’s much easier to think like a cook rather than a baker.


But is speed more important than quality?




Does this assignment require baking—a patient, consistent, and formal approach? Yes, a good creative brief needs to get approved by all before any work begins on that new website.


Or, can this project be cooked—leveraging agility, decisiveness, and flexibility? Yes, a video needs to be shot and edited today without a formal script if we want to take advantage of this news cycle.


If you’re a baker that’s being asked to cook, you’ll never keep up. If you’re a cook that’s expected to bake, you’ll make too many mistakes.


The key is to be honest upfront about the strengths of you and your team, and which type of chef the project requires.