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Make Things Better Not Bigger

The Black Eyed Peas said it best in their song “Where Is the Love?”: “I think they all distracted by the drama and attracted to the trauma.”


My thoughts today aren’t only about how we are somehow drawn to the negative, the dramatic and the distractions of outrage, anger and tribal polarization. Instead, I want to focus on the steps we can take to make things better, not bigger. How each of us can be part of the solution, to be the change we want to see, and to feed the good and starve the bad.


Three idea starters to take this step:


  1. When presented a problem or opportunity, ask yourself the simple question: How can I make this better, not bigger? Is my mindset focused on the root and not the vines?

  3. What does better look like? Shift the focus to what the best outcome can be. Visualize the positive, the upside, and the good that is possible.

  5. Allow for the reality that the drama and the trauma is real. Just look at your social feeds—we’re swimming in it. But don’t dwell or linger. Get it out, write it down, and then tear it up and put it in the trash. It’s symbolic and cathartic.


Ask yourself, what can I make better and not bigger today?