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We Eat What We Are

The old adage of “we are what we eat” is being challenged today by the micro-diet, customized-nutrition, and personalized genetic profiling now available.


Conventional diets made for the masses that prescribe a set of foods, calories, proteins, carbs and all the rest may become as obsolete as wired home phones.


Science has proven that what our bodies crave is what they need. The problem is also that science has rewired our brains, so what we crave now is sugar, salt, carbs and fat-laden diets. The magic of designer chemicals that can make anything taste delicious is here to stay.


It’s also true that our bodies are very smart and extract the nutrients that we need if we just give them a chance.


Our bodies need many of the exact same building blocks for life, such as proteins, amino acids, water, and vitamins. But each of us has a unique set of nutritional requirements that no off-the-shelf diet can predict. Not to say the array of diets on the market can’t work—many do—but never does one diet work for everyone.


The point is that the future of our health and longevity will be powered by individual genetic testing, AI-informed analysis, and a food industry motivated to innovate, which will lead to our daily diet fitting us just as well as our favorite shoes.


If you’re in the event business and are interested in a future application of this idea, check out “The New Bio Break” in a recent post by Beth Surmont, Director of Experience Design at 360 Live Media.


The power of individually customized diets combined with a need to feed a world of 10 billion people can’t get here soon enough.

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