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Think Slow, Act Fast

When it comes to decision making, I’ve found that it’s best to “slow cook” the facts and data plus the opinions of the promoters and the detractors of the issue at hand.


Thinking slow isn’t the same as taking a long time to make a decision. Slow thinking, as I see it, is a way of marinating the information in a concentrated fashion and using our experience, judgement and values to distill the information into a set of measured options from which to decide—should we take the red pill or blue pill? Then, it’s time to act.


Slow thinking can happen in as short as two minutes, the time it takes to make an easy decision such as where to go to lunch or however long it takes to make a major decision like, “Should we restructure our organization?”


Acting fast means being decisive, willing to support your decision and asking for the commitment of all involved to support the decision. Best to have the support of the team by inviting them into the kitchen as part of the slow cooking process to ensure you have the benefit of all of the ingredients at your disposal as well as the collective experience and opinions early on.


The old adage of measuring twice and cutting once is another way to describe the think slow, act fast concept.


Here’s to slow thinking.