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Emotions—the GPS for Your Life 

It’s said that we are NOT a product of what we think, say, or feel but in fact, of what we do.


And this is true. Our behavior, repeated over time, calcifies into our habits, which eventually manifest into what we would call our character, which results in our destiny. Our final destination as a human being is driven by our actions: what we do.


So, if what really matters is our behavior, what role do our emotions play? How does what we feel influence what we do? For starters, know that every emotion is valid and is telling us something. Guilt is telling us we have broken our moral code. Anger tells us we are being confronted by a perceived risk or that our ego is threatened by an external stimulus. Love tells us we are safe, valued, worthy just for who we are.


Emotions inform what we do, or at least what we should do. Just as GPS tells us where to go, the best course to navigate, emotions can be the start of your journey, a place that informs where you are. Sad, joyful, afraid, lonely, proud, confident. Each emotion can also help determine your destination. Where does your emotion tell you to go? How does it inform what you should do? What behavior does it trigger?


Fear allows you to decide that you want a destination of peace or safety. Let that new desired emotion trigger you to turn on your internal GPS and plan the best route to get from where you are to your new destination. But remember, you are the driver. The GPS navigates to your destination, but you determine where it is you want to go.


Yes, you will have to do this the old-fashioned way, by mapping the steps you must take day by day to get to your new destination.


The steps on your journey to overcoming fear begin with acknowledging the emotion and knowing that you can pull out of this temporary parking lot and begin your trip. You aren’t the first to journey to this destination of a better place. The decision to turn on the motor and start driving is the most important part of your trip.


How long it takes and the milestones you choose to stop at along the way are your choice.


Every journey from one emotional state to another begins by observing what that emotion is telling you. Why do you feel as you do, and where is it telling you to go?


And sometimes the road simply takes you higher up the mountain to an even better destination: a more powerful positive emotion. The air up there is fresher and cleaner, and the view is better.


What is the emotional starting point that will initiate your journey? And what new destination will you program into your emotional GPS? You are the driver, and, by the way, it doesn’t hurt to have a copilot. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Is it time to reprogram your emotional GPS and start your drive? If so, safe travels.