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Batteries Included

We are all born with life-long, rechargeable batteries that power us from birth until the day we leave this earth.


So, what is the source of power for these rechargeable batteries?


Yes, our bodies need fuel, sleep, exercise, water, and other basic maintenance; however, that’s not what I’m talking about.


I’m talking about the renewable energy source that propels us, powers us, drives us, and inspires us to be our best, do our best, and have the impact that our talents allow us to leave upon our family, friends, chosen profession, and, just maybe, the world.


What I see as this renewable energy source is ambition: the desire for more and better.


What you choose to seek more of, or what you choose to make better, is up to you: more joy, more peace, more money, more friendships, more solitude, more downtime.


Better schools, better health, better relationships, better connection to a higher power, better quality.


Without ambition as the daily replenishment for our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual battery, we wither, we accept the status quo, we get lazy, we atrophy, and we diminish our potential.


So, the question is, where does this renewable power source of ambition come from? Where do we find it, and how do we cultivate, nurture, and manage it? Too much ambition applied to the wrong desired outcome can lead to misery. Just like our universe’s energy source, the Sun, if it’s too concentrated and magnified, it leads to fire.


I think the most powerful, life-long ambition comes from a desire to be in the service of others, and not ourselves. The ambition that draws from the needs of others and leads us to build products, design services, start non-profits, cure a disease, teach a child, protect our country, feed the homeless, clean our environment, relieve an animal’s suffering.


The ambition that is directed towards the noble service of others is the flywheel in a virtuous circle that propels our society and civilization forward.


From where do you draw your ambition, and to what do you apply it?