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You Can’t Read the Label When You’re Sitting Inside the Jar

I heard this quip recently, and it really hit me. Like most of us, I live in my jar—my world, my context, my bubble. So do you.


No matter how we perceive ourselves, we do live in our jars, and they are often pretty small. Some of our jars have lids that we’ve tightened, keeping us from climbing out and reading or fixing our label, and, more importantly, examining our ingredients.


It’s worth pondering the metaphorical notion that the label listing ingredients and instructions affixed to the outside of our jar reveals what’s inside.


The biggest lies are those we tell ourselves, and the question is: Who wrote the label on our jar? Did we or did someone else? Our parents, our boss, our friends, society, our politicians…who?


Here’s my point: Climb outside of your jar, read the label, and ask yourself if it describes what’s inside the jar. Are the ingredients healthy? Does the packaging fit the contents?


Read a few other labels while you’re out there. Maybe even have a look inside a few of the other jars and find out for yourself what’s really inside for all of those other people sitting on the shelf next to you or on shelves down the street that you’ve never shopped.


While none of us may like to be labeled, the truth is, we are. The choice is up to us if the label is true and if we choose to accept the label given to us by others.

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A marketing thought leader, speaker, teacher, and advisor, Don Neal brings his Madison Avenue experience to help organizations see their opportunities in a new light. He is passionate about helping organizations accelerate the trajectory of their success.

Don Neal
Founder & CEO
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