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Idea Jam

A lesson I learned too late in my career is that ideas get stronger when they are shared. I used to hold tight to my ideas to preserve their integrity. I was worried that if I let someone else in, they would change it and it wouldn’t be any good anymore.


I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Fortunately, I’ve been a part of enough great teams to have been shown that the personal idea is just a spark, and it’s the pooling of the ideas that really create the fire. Some of the most energizing times in my career have been when I’ve been in a room with people who are passionate about a topic and we are all building on each other’s thoughts. I’m ignited by the moment when a really good idea turns into a really great idea.


To live in this space, you need two things—people to share with and freedom to explore. So, we decided to build this at 360 Live Media with the Event Innovators Exchange (EIX). We invited some of the most creative planners we know in the association event space and tried out an Idea Jam.


We had a blast. A few snacks, a little bit of wine, and a lot of great ideas. We experimented with three new formats for idea generation. With each format, a planner would present an issue and the group would work together to solve it. Not only did we get to experience and perfect the formats, but the planners all left with ideas that will move them forward.


We’ve decided to make this a monthly gathering, with the goal of trying out new things each time and continuing to expand the community of creative and tactical people who are looking to build and iterate on their ideas.


We are dedicated to an environment to seed ideas and help them grow into something real.


The next EIX will be held on 10/16 at our D.C. office. It is invitation-only, and we are opening it up to our community of Otter Talk readers. There’s no charge and we are an approved CAE and CMP provider. Email me at beth@360livemedia.com if you want to be added to the list.