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I Believe in You

Each week, we write and send you this Tune In newsletter. It takes a team—Beth Surmont, Pat Dunn, and I take turns writing blogs. James Wilson, Caro Romero, and Ben Rossell curate the stories and social posts. Tune In is a creative outlet for us, but there’s another, more important reason we do it.


Each of us believes in you.


I’m not kidding. Here’s how we think about it.


The work you do each day is important and has a positive impact on people’s lives. Now, you may not always see it that way—especially if you’re sitting in an all-day meeting talking about building CRM requirements for your new membership management system. But I assure you, the work you do is noble and good. (If you disagree, send me an email at bill@360livemedia.com and I’d be happy to connect the dots for you. It’ll be fun.)


Our mission at 360 Live Media is to help our clients make the world a better place. Therefore, we naturally look for ways to help you do more good work. Tune In is our way of supporting you. We’re energized when we can provide inspiration or ideas that will help you achieve a greater impact.


It sounds crazy to some people, but it’s our fuel.


Every year around this time, I sit down with our team and plan out the content calendar for the upcoming year. We plot out what we want to write about, and the topics that inevitably get approved are the ones that represent the intersection between our expertise and what our subscribers would like to hear about.


So…what do you want us to write about?


Seriously tell me.


As a loyal Tune In subscriber, I’m giving you the chance to get more of what you crave in 2020. All because I believe in you and everything you’re capable of achieving.


We can write more posts about marketing strategy and execution (for annual events or association membership altogether). Or we can write about experience design, branding, web design, organizational change, or copywriting (we do those things really well, too).


Go ahead and send me and email right now at bill@360livemedia.com and let me know what topic(s) you’d like to read about in Tune In next year.


Here’s a start to make it easy:


Hi Bill,


Loved your post today!

Next year, I’d really enjoy hearing more about…





Look, you made it this far into the post. So I know that you believe in the value our blogs deliver. Which means you deserve to have a say in the future of this content.


If your suggestions have anything to do with marketing, creative, strategy, or experience design—we’re ready to give you new ideas.


Hope you take me up on the offer. Have a great day.