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Profile of an Association Change Agent

Any regular reader of this blog knows that I advocate for associations and societies to view their future through a new lens. And that new lens is as a twenty-first-century organization that leverages their media platform to greater advantage in pursuit of their mission, whether it’s advocacy, professional development, standards, certification, advancing science and technology, or industry commercial development.


So it’s no surprise that when I read a quote by the new, incoming CEO of ACG, the Association for Corporate Growth, Tom Bohn, I lit up.


Tom said of his former association, NAVC, the North American Veterinary Community, “We no longer define ourselves as an association; we refuse to use that word. We now define ourselves as a media company powered by veterinary education.”


I met Tom for coffee, and he elaborated on the phenomenal success NAVC had achieved following this philosophy. And he’s bringing it to ACG.


“For the past nine years I have been championing this very vision. Associations have an audience, content, and media outlets to deliver that content to tailored cohorts of their audience, just like today’s powerful media platforms.”


Social media, print, digital, and live media are the workhorses for most non-profits like yours.


Tom Bohn promotes his trade show year-round and has been relentless in keeping the for-profit competitors out of his space. And, he’s more than doubled the revenue of NAVC in the process.


A big congratulations to Tom for his vision and, more importantly, the impact he’s had on his members, his association (or as he would say, his media company), and the veterinary industry writ large.


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