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It Was Only a Matter of Time

Can you imagine that at your next annual meeting, scientific conference, or trade show you would only host female speakers on the stage?


No men: zero, nada, exactly none.


Suppose you had more than 250 speakers slotted to speak and that after making this decision to host a 100% female faculty you had to ask the 60 men who had already been accepted to nominate a woman to speak in their place?


Many of you might be saying, “we couldn’t identify that many women to speak on the range and depth of topics in our field”. I’ve also heard this same faulty thinking applied to age and ethnicity, as well as gender.


Well, once again, a for-profit, fearless event organizer has done it, and, incidentally, this is the same company that has taken down two non-profit events (that’s right, they have put two Association events out of business) as they march towards market domination by doing what associations are often unable or unwilling to do: take calculated risks and be bold in the face of potential headwinds.


To learn more about this story, click here, and ask yourself, what are we waiting for?


I have the good fortune to work with some of the most forward-looking, risk-taking CEOs in the non-profit sector who are breaking the pattern of better sameness, and they have the results to show for it.


If you want to know who they are and how they are doing it, click here.


What will be your bold move in 2020?