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I am thankful for team members who stay late to stuff bags and get up early to work registration.


I am thankful for the CSM who spends hours making sure my event will run smoothly.


I am thankful for the sales rep who negotiates a little extra on my behalf to get a contract pushed through.


I am thankful for the endless amount of banquet staff who have set my tables and chairs, changed my table linens, and picked up trash after my attendees.


I am thankful for CVB reps who spend days taking me around to venues with no guarantee of a contract.


I am thankful for coffee shops that open before 6am so I can get something before my morning starts.


I am thankful for the hotel bartenders who pour a little extra into my glass.


I am thankful to the room service attendant who made me a grilled cheese sandwich even though it wasn’t on the menu.


I am thankful to the front desk agent who greeted me with kindness after a long day of traveling.


I am thankful for chefs who are willing to go off menu


I am thankful for general service contractors who get all of my stuff from point a to point b.


I am thankful for my designers who make everything I do better.


I am thankful for the AV team who makes my stage look amazing.


I am thankful for my producers who elevate and amplify my event.


I am thankful for planes which make my job possible.


I am thankful for travel buddies who make long hours and flight delays tolerable.


I am thankful for the colleague who makes a coffee run after the general session has kicked off.


I am thankful for my bosses who have given me a shot.


I am thankful for the teams I work with who make me laugh, keep me on track, and work with me to create something great.


I am thankful for the clients who keep pushing me to deliver my absolute best.


I am thankful for hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes and powdered greens and instant oatmeal and hotels that offer apples at check-in.


I am thankful for my friends who know when to listen and when to solve.


I am thankful for my wife who is understanding and supportive of my travel and long hours.


I am thankful for this weird, inspiring, exhausting job where I spend my entire year working on something that is only real for a short period of a few days.


I am thankful for the chance to bring people together in ways that can make a real impact on the world.