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Record Attendance

Record Attendance

Any organization that plans a live conference or big annual meeting knows how hard it is to increase attendance over the prior year. There are so many factors in play. Upping your game on the programming, just the right keynote speakers, picking the right location,

Don's Blog: Who is your Alexa?

Let The Search Begin …

Marketers have long known about the awareness continuum–the process of moving a shopper or a potential new customer from a state of unawareness to awareness, then to interest, consideration, trial, purchase, repurchase, and ultimately loyalty and brand advocacy.   In a recent WSJ article, Amazon Takes Over The

Your best membership engagement strategy

Your best membership engagement strategy (and why it works)

If your associations's main source of funding comes from membership dues or subscriber revenue, you need to focus on delivering an unbeatable member (customer) experience.   Doing so creates the foundation for a long-term relationship between customer and company (yes, your association is a business and your

Big Data for Associations

How to use data to deliver better experiences for members

Associations are in the relationship business. But how do you make sure you’re nurturing quality relationships with your members? By digging into the data you have on their behaviors, you can create more relevant offerings, facilitate community and improve member engagement.   4 types of data   Data is

360 Live Media Blog - are you an accelerator

Are You an Accelerator?

An Accelerator is a person or thing that causes something to happen or develop more quickly.   Every organization has an area that requires acceleration, and associations are no different.   Associations have five forces requiring them to accelerate their progress: a more global economy, industry consolidation, changing demographic