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Our desire to be catalysts for change extends beyond business. Here are some of the causes and community partners that we support.

A world with no poverty is not an idea. It is the only acceptable reality.

A Wider Circle furnishes the homes of more than 4,000 families a year, equaling more than 15,000 children and adults every single year whose homes are transformed from empty spaces into beautifully furnished homes. We also provide comprehensive job preparedness support, including resume assistance, unlimited professional attire and accessories, and even a long-term job coach for every person who participates!

“A Wider Circle has big goals and a big vision, and we need help to accomplish them. We feel so fortunate that 360 Live Media has taken an interest in our work, because they are exactly the type of company that can propel the movement to end poverty. 360 has vision, creativity, and – maybe more than any other company I know – the full courage of their convictions. Their courage and creativity are present at the top and all the way through the organization; it is what we seek to have here at A Wider Circle, and it makes this partnership very special to us.”

Mark Bergel, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director


We believe in the power of small nonprofits to spark big change.

The Catalogue for Phi­lan­thro­py does more than guide charitable giving in the DC region: we thoroughly vet, educate, and empower the charities we feature, and we charge no fees for anything we do. So your giving makes an immediate impact, and elevates our charities’ capacity to do good – here, where we live. We highlight the best local charities, and their work, to show what is possible when caring citizens connect with worthy causes, acting together on behalf of the greater good. Our vision is to transform our community, turning watchers into doers and bystanders into givers.

“It’s hard to capture in a few sentences everything that 360 Live Media has done for the Catalogue for Philanthropy – from redesigning our annual benefit to sponsoring the event itself; from advising us on marketing and communications to doing the same for a dozen of the charities in our network; from Don Neal serving on our board (as Chairman for five years). Even the annual holiday party at 360 Live Media was an occasion for celebrating the great work of Catalogue charities. There are few corporate relationships that run as deep as that!”

Barbara Harman, President & Editor


A Home Away From Home.

That’s what Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) provides to the hundreds of African American young men and boys growing up in Washington, DC’s most poverty-stricken and volatile neighborhoods. Life Pieces To Masterpieces uses artistic expression to develop character and leadership, unlock potential, and prepare black boys and young men to transform their lives and communities.

“360 Live Media has always been a tremendous partner. Before our art program had its current popularity, 360 Live Media was one of our first art partners. The 360 Live offices housed Life Pieces artwork created by black boys who lived in some of DC’s most challenging communities. Our students and families have so many memorable stories of Don, his family, and the 360 Live team delivering Christmas toys to them.”

Selvon Malcolm Waldron, Executive Director


Engaging Families for Student Success.

Turning the Page is confident that with hard work and continued cooperation, we as a community can improve the education of public school students by engaging their parents and families as active and effective participants in their children’s education. Through resource-rich programming, trust in our relationships and those we support, and a dedicated, detail-oriented staff we look forward to building on our continued successes in the communities we serve. Turning the Page links DC Public Schools, families and our community so that, together, we can ensure DC students receive valuable educational resources and a high-quality public education.

“We are grateful for 360 Live Media’s partnership with Turning the Page and their trust in our efforts. The 360 Live Media team’s energy and creativity is infectious and a source of inspiration. 360 Live Media’s excitement at shining a light on and elevating the efforts of our community’s non-profits is evident and truly part of their ethos.”

Jason King, President


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