360 Live Media
360 Live Media is an award-winning marketing, strategy and experience agency that solves business challenges for the most progressive industry associations and the world’s best brands.


We create inspiring experiences. Our proprietary design methodology helps us create and reinvent live events, conferences and trade shows to improve your critical 6 Rs: Relevance, Reputation, Retention, Reach, Revenue and ROI.

How do you create inspiring experiences?

Experiences should leave lasting impressions with your customers. We help you breathe life into your meetings, conferences and trade shows so that they become more than just events—they become inspiring experiences.

Our Approach

Our name is 360 Live Media because we are the authority on live media and experience design. Taking a collaborative approach, we partner with you to invent—or reinvent—audience-driven experiences that build upon four key dimensions: Physical, Physiological, Emotional and Intellectual. By engaging your audience in bold, new ways, your organization will increase profitability, acquire new members and build loyalty.

Our thoughtfully designed experiences are turn-key solutions that provide your organization with a results-oriented plan tailored to your goals and objectives. From event evaluations to speaker recommendations, we create inspiring experiences that can help shape the future of your industry.

Our Solutions

  • Event design and reinvention
  • Portfolio and event evaluation
  • Experience innovation forum
  • Theme development
  • Blueprint design
  • Journey mapping
  • Sponsorship strategy and packaging
  • Digital integration

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