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360 Live Media is an event strategy and digital marketing agency in Washington, D.C. serving association, professional society, and not-for-profit conferences.


We are currently reviewing resumes for a marketing manager who lives for building relationships. Mind you, not just between co-workers and industry partners, but between brands and the people who use them.


You understand marketing like the back of your hand. You constantly seek new information to better reach your potential customers. You not only know how to write integrated marketing plans that help your clients achieve results, but also welcome the opportunity to build a campaign from the ground up. But what gets you up every day is taking your campaigns to the finish line. You craft compelling campaigns and messages that get people’s attention and make them say, “YES, I need that. I want that. You get me.”

Whether you’re diving into audience research, brainstorming for a campaign initiative, developing an email campaign that gets results or writing a brief for an ad, you believe marketing is more about developing a relationship with your audience than just consummating a sale.

You have developed strategies and led successful campaigns with a multitude of clients and brands. You are at your best when creating and drawing from the energy of your teammates, and you love to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. You are a catalyst for solutions and you know how to keep your team motivated. At the end of the day, you produce results and exceed expectations!


The ideal candidate for the Marketing Manager role believes in the core values of 360 Live Media—The 360 Way—and is driven by our philosophy and mission. Beyond that, we are seeking a leader who has proven experience in delivering exceptional marketing impact for clients, and a demonstrated ability to lead and build the capabilities of a driven, bright and diverse team. The successful candidate has management experience in a marketing or advertising agency setting and demonstrates intellectual curiosity. As noted, this is an organization driven by the values of its people, so experience in managing a “values-driven” organization will be highly prized.

Marketing Expertise

Experience in developing, establishing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet client objectives. A deep understanding and experience of direct and digital marketing, and an understanding of creative competencies, including branding, art direction and copywriting. Key responsibilities include:

  • assuming responsibility for marketing campaigns to deliver on projected goals and objectives
  • developing comprehensive and integrated marketing campaigns, calendars and trackers
  • leading marketing meetings, creative brainstorms and workshops; bringing clarity to assignment objectives, tasks and deliverables so that the agency can exceed client expectations
  • managing all logistics associated with marketing projects; partner/vendor selection, scheduling meetings, drafting proposals, managing budgets and monitoring timelines
Strategic Vision and Agility

Proven ability to think strategically, anticipate future consequences and trends, and incorporate them into planning. Key responsibilities include:

  • developing effective media strategies for integrated marketing campaigns to meet client goals
  • identifying unique audience and industry insights to craft creative briefs and lead persuasive briefings that provide consistent insight and clear direction
  • presenting strategic recommendations and plans with confidence to both external and internal clients
  • constantly learning, and seeking new insights and knowledge to be the authority
Results Focus

Exceptional track record of exceeding marketing goals. A bottom-line orientation, with evidence of the ability to consistently make wise decisions. You possess the ability to balance the delivery of award-winning campaigns against the realities of a budget, timeline, and competing projects and priorities; and you have an attitude of problem-solving and creative resourcefulness. Key responsibilities include:

  • proactively driving analytics to analyze and optimize marketing campaigns performance
  • analyzing marketing and business results to identify opportunities to drive bottom-line business growth; make strategic recommendations for future initiatives
  • ensuring consistent work that is best-in-class, timely and within scope
Action Orientation

Enjoy working hard and rolling up your sleeves with the team, constantly seeking to be ahead of the curve. Ability to act nimbly and quickly, to solve challenges and react as necessary, even if limited information is available. You are not afraid to take charge of a situation and can overcome resistance from leadership and take unpopular stands when necessary.


A minimum of 5 years of marketing experience in all aspects of developing and managing marketing strategies.

It’s one thing to meet a deadline. It’s quite another to meet it, introduce yourself, and put it at ease so exceptional things can happen. As 360 Live Media’s marketing manager, you’ll display that unique knack for giving voice to brands that sets them apart from their peers and establishes a space in the spotlight all their own. You’ll create engaging content, plan events, sculpt brand architecture, devise social media strategy, foster partnerships, and mastermind brand strategy for many of the nation’s most recognized brands and associations.



If this describes YOU, please get in touch with us immediately. To be considered, please submit your application on our website and:


Clearly communicate why you are the ideal candidate for this role.

Provide specific examples and experiences as proof points.

Attach your resume and relevant materials that support your application.


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