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We are currently reviewing resumes for an achiever and someone we can call our “secret weapon.”


You are an achiever and your engagement’s “secret weapon.” You love bringing the best out of your teammates by anticipating and providing the support they need, all while absorbing their knowledge and expertise at every chance you get. Your mojo comes from being able to shift from project management and administration to brainstorming our next big idea to stepping in as your client’s go-to person when needed. You’re as comfortable sitting in an executive-level meeting as you are scheduling meetings, collecting receipts and standing over the shoulder of your designer teammates proofing and communicating strategic edits.

You are organized, methodical and detail-oriented, but flexible when changes and unforeseen challenges emerge. You keep projects moving and on target, and take pleasure in breaking big, daunting projects into bite-sized pieces, all while communicating all the steps necessary for success. And if you have to figure out Plans B, C and D when new challenges and changes are thrown your way, you are the picture of cool, calm and collected.

You love getting your hands dirty working through the minute details of every project you’re working on. At the same time, you always have the account team’s back, stepping in to assist with research, content development, relationship management, and marketing and experience design strategy. Being curious and asking questions are your tools to ensuring success for your partners and your clients. “That’s not my job” is not in your vocabulary.

You are an excellent communicator and love working with others—you’re responsible for communicating project updates to all internal stakeholders and making sure they always have the information and resources they need to deliver the highest-quality deliverables.

You know the importance of every step along the way—no matter how big or small—and you get the job done. Your aspirations are big, but so is your impact.


The ideal candidate for the Project Manager role believes in the core values of 360 Live Media—The 360 Way—and is driven by our philosophy and mission. Beyond that, we are seeking a candidate who has proven experience in building and managing client relationships and who has a demonstrated ability to collaborate with a driven, bright and diverse team. The successful candidate has experience in a marketing or advertising agency setting and demonstrates intellectual curiosity.

A Team Leader

“I’ve got your back” takes on a whole new meaning for you. Not only are you there to support your engagement team every step of the way—stepping in every chance you get—but you also anticipate their needs in advance. Your teammates view you as a go-to resource and a person who can get things done while keeping it fun and cool. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • supporting the account and strategy leads in ensuring deliverables are sent to the client on-time, then managing the review process and following up when needed to keep the internal team and client team on track
  • utilizing your attention to details to provide quality control and proofing for all project outputs
  • completing research at the engagement onset to be a resource throughout the engagement timeline
  • providing background information, updates and necessary resources to the team in a timely, organized manner for the successful completion of deliverables
  • assisting in developing marketing and experience design strategy and implementation with the support of the engagement team
Setting Up For Success

You know the devil is in the details, so you make it your business to see both the small specifics and the big picture. You know the fine points, tasks and deadlines of your engagement, but you don’t let that get in the way of looking ahead. You use this information to support your team in completing projects above and beyond expectations. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • developing and finalizing your engagement’s timeline and project plan while ensuring it meets client objectives and needs in addition to taking into account the team’s capacity, capabilities and schedules
  • keeping the team organized and focused through regular communications, proper organization tactics and anticipating needs
  • handling all meeting closeout tasks, including sending action items and summary notes
  • scheduling and coordinating necessary meetings and phone calls; completing the necessary prep and organization for all meetings and phone calls
  • working with account and executive teams on scope management and execution
  • managing all project-related expenses; working with accounting for delivery and finalization of invoices
  • acting as a secondary account manager when needed; cultivating a professional relationship with the client
  • providing administrative and project support to the account team, including
    • document creation and filing
    • spreadsheet and database development
    • maintaining accurate and detailed calendars
    • note-taking
The Art and Science

While keeping a finger on the logistics needed to keep a project running, your true passion comes from building relationships and becoming an asset to our team and our clients. It’s more than just providing good work—it’s providing great service and building a true partnership at the end of each engagement. You are ready and eager to get the experiences and tools you need to take that next step in your career.

Action Orientation

You enjoy working hard and rolling up your sleeves with the team, and have the ability to act nimbly and quickly to solve challenges and react as necessary, even if limited information is available. You are not afraid to take charge of a situation and make tough decisions.


Minimum of 5 years project or account management experience in an agency environment. Attention to detail, strong organizational skills and strong work ethic may outweigh experience.

You love getting your hands dirty working through the minute details of every project you’re working on. At the same time, you always have the team’s back, stepping in to assist with research, content development, relationship management, and marketing and experience design strategy whenever needed.



If this describes YOU, please complete this survey to apply. If your profile matches our available position, we will be in touch. Thank you for your interest in 360 Live Media.

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