360 Live Media
360 Live Media is an award-winning marketing, strategy and experience agency that solves business challenges for the most progressive industry associations and the world’s best brands.

We See You

Events are tough. Your to-do list cannot be contained on a single sheet. You measure time in meeting agendas. Your hands are covered in paper cuts from bag stuffing, and they never quite feel clean. You do the 9 p.m. Board dinner and the 5 a.m. room set, and the only fruit you’ve had all week is wine.


Shouldn’t events be so much more than this?


We hold power as event planners. We have the skills and the opportunities to bring people together for real change. In our organizations, we bring together thinkers and doers and funders to solve problems and advance research. In our events, we can create emotional touchpoints to inspire people to new ideas. In our profession, we have the potential to bring people together to solve the world’s problems.


That’s what we do. We want to transform the world to be a better place through events that deliver on the missions of their organizations.


We want your event to be the place where attendees find their epiphany, the thing that moves them forward. Then your event will become the place they want to come back to, because you made it all happen for them.

We Amplify You

When a medical association was experiencing declining registration, we helped them create a feeling of renewal at the event, resulting in a 22% increase in registration.


When a scientific association needed a broader reach and more visibility to potential attendees, we developed a unique photo booth that introduced organic social sharing among attendees, and the following year they beat attendance goals by 10%.


When a professional association needed to reinvent a show that had endured past its prime, we worked with them to design an intentional and exciting program that captured the imagination of their audience, tripling attendance in three years.


And we will work with you to take what you are already doing and deliver more impact, more results, and more revenue.


WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK. It’s the 360 way. It’s part of our core values.

You do a lot for your events. Your events should do more for you.

The 360 Live Media Event Innovators Exchange is a gathering of creative and tactical people who are looking to build and iterate on their ideas. Ideas usually get stronger when shared, so we created an environment to seed ideas and help them grow into something real. Attend an Event Innovators Exchange to learn how to transform your event.