360 Live Media
360 Live Media is an award-winning marketing, strategy and experience agency that solves business challenges for the most progressive industry associations and the world’s best brands.


A modern day solution to help leaders see the potential in their events.

Proprietary AI sensors utilize advanced facial recognition to quickly determine event attendee demographics and suggests popular activations and ice-breakers based on group psychographics.

Active VIP tracking allows you to zero-in and highlight those most important to the success of your event. Proven unshakable through Pilates, group Zumba, and all stanzas of the chicken dance.

A thermographic mood-sensor passively monitors the emotional temperament of a room and alerts you to sudden swings in attitude or irritation.

Thermal imaging quickly sizes up your meeting space and compares current event dynamics to an extensive database of thousands of experiences collected over years, helping you pinpoint opportunities as they present themselves in real-time.


Since these glasses are for innovators, we’ve designed six different frame styles that are as creative and bold as the people who wear them.