360 Live Media
360 Live Media is an award-winning marketing, strategy and experience agency that solves business challenges for the most progressive industry associations and the world’s best brands.


We build relevant brands and create engaging programs and design inspiring experiences. Through our work, we deliver results that strengthen your reputation.

"360 Live Media helped us take a much-needed deep dive into our event marketing strategy. With no stone unturned and out-of-the-box strategies, they partnered with our show team in uniquely collaborative ways to deliver a whopping 30% increase in attendance over the prior year—now that’s a result!"

Rick McConnell - President, Informa US, Construction & Real Estate; Formerly Hanley Wood Exhibitions

The 6 Rs

While our mission is to inspire movements in industries, organizations and people, our work is grounded in proven business strategies. No matter the project, our criteria for success is always driven by six critical Rs.


We help clients attract the most valuable, viable audience through our proprietary research, segmentation and marketing approach.


We improve the year-over-year retention of your audience by designing irresistible experiences and solutions that create long-term stickiness.


It’s not just Millennials and Centennials who are looking for authenticity, engagement and a community of like-minds. Every program we design, no matter the platform, keeps relevance at the heart of the success formula.


Your advocacy, membership strength, and long-term future are all dependent on your brand reputation. We believe that a strong organizational reputation drives reach and retention, but also is the result of greater relevance.


Increased membership, six-figure sponsors and greater bottom-line profits are possible, but only with a transformative approach to designing and marketing your next event.


Every dollar you invest must count. Most associations do not benchmark their P&L to identify which investments have the greatest impact and ROI. We will pressure-test your investments for optimal results and return.

We can help you connect with your members in new ways.